iPhone App: Sky Guide

Fifth Star Labs website

An application on the app store called “Sky Guide: View Stars Night or Day” allows its users to “study thousands of stars, comets, and satellites” (according to the App Store). Created by Fifth Star Labs LLC, the app turns the iPhone into a telescope of sorts, highlighting interesting constellations, planets, and stars. The application also gives notifications when satellites pass overhead. Clicking on a constellation, planet, or star, will give information on rise and set times, magnitude, declination and azimuth. One of the most striking features of this app is that it allows the user to explore the sky both at night and during the day. The user sees the current patch of sky through his or her phone screen in real time and can even look into future and past dates; this is a useful tool for, say, moon-watchers that need to know at what time the moon will be at its peak on some future date. The application features a beautiful design and calming music to accentuate the sky-exploring experience.


6 thoughts on “iPhone App: Sky Guide

  1. I have used an app very similar to this one. The coolest thing about it is that it tells you where the planets are! This is very helpful for trying to determine whether something is a planet or a star. What uses do you use the app for?


    1. This is one of my favorite apps in the store. Just last week (and this is a true story), a friend and I were arguing about a star. One of us said it was one star while the other claimed it was a different star. We pulled out the app and discovered that the star was in fact the planet Venus. This is just one example of the ways this app is useful.


  2. This is a nice app, but it is unfortunately not offered in the Google Play store. For Android users, a very similar app that I have had success with is called SkyView Free (it has both free and paid versions). It also overlays celestial objects using your camera in real time. Hopefully this helps some Android users explore the night sky!


  3. I think its so incredible how technology makes certain topics so accessible to everyone. I have used an app similar to this one before, and even before I knew anything about the stars, I was able to learn about the constellations and their locations. I thought that was pretty cool that the app could make it so easy! As a future educator, I love when apps like this can make science seem so cool to young students and can jump start their passion for learning.


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